Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Infertility Myth

Monday's Myth:  If you had more faith, you would get pregnant.

Unfortunately, this is a myth that gets passed around, even (at times) from well-meaning religious leaders.  All it takes is one glimpse around a hospital maternity ward, or a playground, or a kindergarten classroom, or just about anywhere else before you realize that babies are not handed out based on faith or religious ideals.  That's simply not the way our mortal world works.

It is easy to combat this myth logically, but believe me, I know that it is harder to bust it emotionally.  I often tossed this myth around in my mind because I thought that if I just prayed harder or believed more firmly, my body would miraculously be cured and a baby would result.  Since that didn't happen, it must be my fault, right?  Wrong!

Maybe you're tired of hearing me say that I don't have all the answers, but the truth is that I don't.  I don't understand why conceiving and bearing children comes so easily to some and is so much more difficult and heartwrenching for others, but I have gained the understanding that it has nothing to do with the quantity or quality of faith.  It might be genetics, it might be environment, it might be illness, it might be chance, it might be an all-encompassing plan that God has, or it might be a little of each.

Whatever the reason you are struggling, please don't give up your faith - but don't berate yourself for your lack of faith either.  Just keep doing the best you can one day at a time.  I believe that's all God really asks of you, anyway.

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