Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Your Decision, And Then Make It Work

Grandpa taught me to make a decision, and then make it work.  About two years ago, my sister (who also has infertility issues) and her husband were considering adopting a sibling group of 4 children from foster care.  They had 2 children already, an eleven-year-old daughter she had given birth to, and a seven-year-old son who they adopted as an infant.  This sibling group consisted of a twelve-year-old girl, and three boys ages five, three, and two.

After much prayer and soul-searching, they felt like they were going to adopt them, but my sister called Grandpa to talk to him about it first.  He told her, "Well, it sounds like you have done everything you need to to make a good decision about this.  The best advice that I can give you is that once you make your decision, that is the end of it.  Then just get busy making it work."  They did adopt these four children and they are busy making their wonderful family work.

Not only is this great advice for adoption, it's great advice for life.  Now, I know as well as anybody, that our best laid plans are not always successful - no matter how hard we try to make them work.  But, when that happens, I believe that - although it is difficult - we can make the choice to move forward and seek healing and happiness anyway.  And once we make that choice, then we just need to get busy making it work.

Thanks, Grandpa, for these (and so many other) lessons that you have taught me.  Thank you for the life you have lived and the example you are to all those around you.  Thank you for your love and the legacy you have built.  A legacy that has nothing to do with earthly riches, and everything to do with serving, loving, working, and living.

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ourgrowingfamily said...

I really enjoyed this! :) Making it work, I like that. Life throws so many unexpected things at you, it can really drag you down if you let it. Making it work is the key to everything I think :) Thanks for sharing!