Monday, August 1, 2011

When Life is Hard, Keep Going

Grandpa taught me that when life is hard (and sometimes it will be) you just have to keep going.  When you live to be 102, (or 32 for that matter) you are going to face some hard times in life.  My grandpa was 20 years old when the United States plunged into The Great Depression.  He lived through it.  He has been a farmer, a rancher, a truck driver, and the owner of a small dairy freeze drive-in.  During his lifetime, he has lost his job, lost his farm, and lost children and grandchildren to death.  His dear wife of 50 years died about 22 years ago.  He has watched his children and grandchildren suffer from sickness, injury, disease, sadness, and heartache.  He has suffered from injury and illness himself.

Through all of this, I have never heard or seen Grandpa complain.  Don't get me wrong, I have watched him grieve.  I have watched him pray.  I have seen him correct.  I have heard him comfort.  But always, ALWAYS, I have watched him move forward with faith and love. 


Melissa Lemon said...

I love grandparents. Mine are all gone now, but I'm grateful for the things they have taught me. Keep moving is a great one, especially when coupled with a great attitude.

ourgrowingfamily said...
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ourgrowingfamily said...

So true. Thanks for sharing! Your grandpa sounds like a great man. Grandparents are the best!